2 thoughts on “DBMS_FEATURE_USAGE_REPORT and The Phantom AFTER SELECT Trigger

  1. I have also come to this after doing some research and next task seems to map out what all features fall in which packs and how to manually see if they are enabled and queries to find if they are enabled.
    but here when u say the packages DBMS_SWRF_REPORT_INTERNAL is wrapped what does that means?

    • Shipra,

      I’ve taken the next step you suggested – i.e. identifying which features fall into which packs.
      You can find the outcome in this post.

      As for identifying what is enabled, that’s a bit more tricky. The fact is that everything in these packs is accessible, whether or not you actually have a license.
      This applies even if you set the appropriate database parameters/tool configuration options. You can see an example of this ( using SQLDeveloper) here.

      I have formulated an approach that will further restrict access to the packs for which you are not licensed, which you can find here.

      In answer to your question about what wrapping is…Oracle provides a utility to allow you to store PL/SQL program units in an encrypted format.
      Oracle supplied code uses this technique quite a lot.
      Morgan’s Library has quite a good example of how this works.
      As a result, it makes it very hard to work out what the original source code was, just from querying the data dictionary.



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