Cloning around with VirtualBox

I’m in a slight trough of a week at the moment.
The excitement of seeing what Santa brought has begun to fade but I’ve yet to summon the requisite enthusiasm for seeing in the New Year.
So this post is really one of those little “Notes to self” so that I can save myself some time when next I need to spin up an Oracle database on a VirtualBox VM…

I’ve got a CentOS7 VM on which I’ve installed and configured Oracle XE.
Now, if I want to experiment on XE, I can simply create a temporary copy of this configuration by cloning it, thus saving myself the trouble of going through the basic configuration all over again.

Opening VirtualBox, we can see that I have a number of VMs already set up

To create an exact copy of ( clone) an existing VM, simply select it and either right-click and select Clone, or hit CTRL+O

…then provide the name of the new vm…

…and click Next.

NOTE – I usually don’t bother re-initialising the MAC address as I don’t run these VMs concurrently. If you are planning to do this then it’s something you may want to consider.

For the clone type, I select Full Clone as I want a completely standalone environment.

Finally, I hit the Clone button.

After a short interval, I am rewarded with an exact copy of the VM, with the new name I specified for it.

Now I’m all set to do something creative and daring in my new environment…or will be after another mince pie.

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