Upcycling and old TV to a Smart TV with an Amazon FireTV Stick

Once upon a time, a TV was simply something you plugged into an arial socket and used to watch whatever broadcasters were prepared to show at any given time.
With the rise of streaming, TVs have now become “smart”. Well, smartish. I mean, some of them use really slick software and have lots of Apps that enable you to stream from a variety of sources.
Others are a bit less sophisticated and have limited access to such Apps.
Not only that, the world is now full of the old type of “dumb” but perfectly serviceable TVs.
So, if you want to :

  • Revitalise an old non-smart TV
  • Make a new not-so-smart TV smarter
  • Place a TV somewhere that’s not within easy reach of an arial socket

…then help may be at hand. There are a number of devices you can plug into a TV to beef up it’s smartness.
As these devices are streaming content over the internet, you don’t need an arial to make use of them.
Furthermore, they are a fraction of the cost of buying a new Smart TV.

What follows is an account of how I’ve setup an Amazon Fire TV Stick and used it to access the wealth of streaming content that’s freely available in the UK, as well as some of the main subscription services…
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