Post-Truth PL/SQL

We’re living in a Post-truth age. I know this because I read it in my Fake News Feed.
Taking advantage of this, I’ve updated the definition of PL/SQL.
Up until now, it would be true to say that PL/SQL is a 3GL based on ADA that’s incorporated into the Oracle RDBMS.
Post truth, the definition is that PL/SQL is a 3GL that comes with it’s own built-in Oracle RDBMS.

By a stroke of good fortune, my son recently bought me a copy of Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick and William L Simon, which begins each chapter with an encrypted phrase.
If your anything like me, you’d spend a fair amount of time geeking over this sort of problem, most likely using some fashionable programming language to help solve the riddles with which you were presented.

In my house at least, PL/SQL is back in fashion…
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Nesting Quotes in SQL

Recently, I came across one of those situations where you need to get some data from a Production instance and transform it in some way. The catch is that you only have read access on the database in question. All of the usual methods of extracting data are blocked by either an extremely long and tedious battle to get the required access or are prohibited by various security policies.
I will need to do this quite regularly, so it looks like I’ll have to write some slave SQL to extract the data and then load it into a non-production database, where I have more privileges.
Once again, I’m going to have to struggle to remember the new Oracle Q quote syntax.

But before all that, a brief history of quotes.

In the beginning, there was the escape character. In SQL*Plus, this happens to be a single quote … Continue reading