Triggers are bad m’kay – more Mutant Madness

The title of this post should be read in the style of Mr Mackey from South Park.
Just to be clear at this point – I do not subscribe to this view. Triggers, like most things Oracle, have their place. It’s knowing where and when to use them that’s the trick.
In a recent post, I outlined the solution to the Mutating Table issue that is offered by Compound Triggers.
Unfortunately, despite watching all of the X-Men movies, I failed to realise that Mutants tend to be quite resilient.
Joaquin pointed out that this trigger would not work as expected when a statement contained multiple updates. Continue reading


Compound Triggers – Managing the Mutant Menace

Now I’ve got 11g up and running, I’ve finally had the chance to mess about with some of the new features.
Anyone who has done any amount of work with Oracle triggers will be familiar with the dreaded ORA-04091 mutating table error.
You’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve managed to resist the temptation to start talking about X-Men. The medication must be working.

Instead, here’s a quick demo of an 11g way of getting around this particular problem. Continue reading