Passing parameters in SQL*Plus – or What’s the opposite of a Chick Flick ?

Watching Iron Man 2 the other night, I was somewhat surprised by a brief appearance on screen of someone who looked remarkably like Larry Ellison.
No, he wasn’t the villain although – depending on what Oracle ends up doing to MySQL – he could be a candidate for the role in Iron Man 3.
As a result of riding this cinematic rollercoaster, I experienced two profound revalations.
The first is that, despite it’s poor relation status in the array of tools available to the Oracle developer, SQL*Plus can still be incredibly useful ( OK, I’ve always thought this – but I’m flashing my Poetic License here and no, it hasn’t expired yet).
The second is that the opposite of a Chick Flick must be a Bloke Buster. I know, I should really just stick to the programming stuff.
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