PLS-00364 – And you never buy me flowers !

Nestled deep in the heart of the Oracle RDBMS lies DIANA – the ADA pre-compiler which gives all your PL/SQL the once-over before sending it out into the world.
As I’ve mentioned before, DIANA can be a capricious girl, and if you upset her, she’s likely to complain about all sorts of things, some of them entirely spurious.
One such error that she tends to throw out is “PLS-00364 : loop index variable [ some cursor record variable ] use is invalid”. Continue reading


Too many declarations of “+” match this call – When Compilers lie

A compiler is often your best friend as a programmer. It will helpfully point out the fact that you may have made a typo, or are about to do something silly. Most of the time, it’ll even helpfully point out where exactly you’ve not quite got it spot on.
But, like any long-term relationship, the Programmer and the Compiler do have the occasional falling out. This happens especially when the compiler becomes recalcitrant, uncommunicative, cryptic, or just flat out lies to you.

Being primarily a PL/SQL programmer my particular relationship is with the ADA pre-compiler that lives inside Oracle. Her name is DIANA.
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