If you can’t do it in PL/SQL, do it in SQL

The tension was palpable on the bridge of The Enterprise. The hulk of the giant Teredation Cruiser filled the View Screen.

With baited breath they awaited the response of the Teredation Captain to the message they had just transmitted.

Suddenly the image on the screen changed from that of the menacing warship to Simon, Lord High Hatter of the Teredations. In a voice which hinted at an unaccustomed uncertainty, he exclaimed,
“What is this PL/SQL of which you speak ?”

OK, so maybe it wasn’t the bridge of the Enterprise so much as in the beer garden at the Nut and Squirrel. The question, however, is pretty much accurate.

In an attempt to distract himself from the sad news that Claude Gnapka had finally left Luton for Walsall, Simon posed the following programming problem :

He needed a SQL query to return the first working day on or after the 23rd of the month, together with the first working day of the following month. He wanted both dates to be returned in the same row.
The catch ? Simon works on Teradata which, owing to a glitch in the Universal Translator ( or something), doesn’t have anything like PL/SQL or T-SQL built in. Continue reading