HTML 5 and Google Maps for the Milton Keynes Tourist Board

As well as being culturally diverse ( the Welsh enclave is currently painting her toenails upstairs in the bedroom) Milton Keynes does have one or two places of interest.
Yes, there are quite a lot of roundabouts. There are also connections with Formula 1 ( Red Bull Racing has it’s factory here), the birth of modern computing (Bletchley Park), and a crude but effective measure against the risk of disease in livestock (i.e. by making them out of concrete).
Wouldn’t it be handy if I could knock up a web-page with map locations of these and other sites of interest, ready for visitors to our fair city.
I stumbled across something that fits this particular bill when browsing through the HTML5 new features on the W3 Schools site.

One of the really good things about this particular site is that they’ll give you source code to play with and to observe the result of any changes.
The code, shamelessly plagiarised here, is to demonstrate the capabilities of HTML5 in terms of Geolocation – i.e. it works out the current position of your computer and displays the result in the form of a Google Map.
Whilst playing around with this, it occurred to me that you could pass in any co-ordinates of longitude and latitude and produce the desired map.

Currently, I don’t believe that Milton Keynes has a Tourist Board. If they do decide to get one, they might find the following useful… Continue reading