ANSI SQL Huh, What is is good for ? Er, Outer Joins Actually

When Oracle first introduced ANSI syntax to become ANSI SQL 92 compliant, the general idea was that the traditional Oracle syntax would do exactly the same as this new fangled ANSI stuff.
You wouldn’t have to start coding LEFT INNER JOINs everywhere and you could pretty much go on your way unmolested by so much syntactic furniture.

This was the approach I’d followed quite happily for many years. Sure, I had moved away from DECODE toward CASE as I think the code tends to be more easy to follow, But all that extra typing to code an ANSI Join – a waste of valuable typing molecules….or so I thought.

Recently, I came across a situation where I needed to outer join a table to two other tables.
Now, in honour of the man who brought this to my attention – a Business Analyst…and an Irishman…on the day that Ireland beat England, yes, at cricket…(thanks Gavan)… Continue reading