Great Football Managers and Oracle Unified Auditing

It’s quite a good time for English football at the moment. Not only have English clubs monopolised the finals of the two main European Club competitions this year, but Manchester City have made history by winning all three domestic competitions in the same season.
Note that this isn’t a British footballing first. Glasgow Rangers managed it way back in 1949. And whilst the European Cup ( Champions League if you must) has eluded City this season, Celtic managed that particular clean sweep in 1967.
In English football however, this particular treble is unprecedented. In fact, there are remarkably few managers who have been able to win every one of the major domestic honours in their entire career.
All of which will come in handy when looking for examples to illustrate the topic at hand, namely Oracle Unified Auditing.
With the aid of 18c Express Edition, we’ll be looking at :

  • The Oracle supplied Unified Auditing Policies that are enabled by default
  • Where to find the Audit Trail
  • How to create our own Unified Auditing Policy to monitor DML operations on specific objects

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