ORA-02030 and invisible objects. The database bites back !

Being Luis Suarez’s agent must be an interesting job right now.
Maybe the man was a bit peckish.
Alternatively, maybe he’s resigned to the FA’s reluctance to introduce a mid-season break and was simply making his own arrangements for time off during the season.
Either way, this particular agent may well be trying to sign Luis up for an ad campaign for a popular brand of toothpaste.

Oracle DBA’s may sometimes have some sympathy with Suarez, although they’re more likely to end up chewing the desk in frustration, rather than their fellow DBA’s (unless the Christmas Party has really gotten out of hand).
Every so often, Oracle throws out an error that, on the face of it, makes absolutely no sense…
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Sinister Synonyms and Dependencies in Oracle

It’s been quite an eventful week. Deb has got her results back and is now officially a lady of “Distinction” (two of them, no less). Even Wales’ narrow defeat to England in the Rugby hasn’t put a dent in her good mood.
I, on the other hand, found myself doing my Marvin-the-paranoid-android-as-a-DBA impression the other day….”Synonyms. Loathe them or hate them, you can’t ignore them”.
Now, whilst synonyms definitely have their uses, they can be something of a double-edged sword.
The cause of this particular downbeat assessment of their merits was the fact that I’d deployed my CRUD tool on a new database, but it had failed to pick up some dependencies.
Let’s have a closer look at this issue and see how Oracle’s own DBMS_UTILITY copes with these circumstances. Continue reading