PL/SQL Syntax Highlighting in Textpad – for when you can’t play with Penguins

When I’m mucking around at home, it’s Linux all the way. Unfortunately, at work ( in desktop terms, at least) I’m still stuck with being a Microsofty.

This leaves me with Textpad as my program editor of choice.

As promised then, here’s the quick and dirty guide to enabling syntax highlighting for PL/SQL in Textpad ( works for versions 4 and 5) … Continue reading


Customising gedit for PL/SQL on Ubuntu 9.10

As I’ve said before, when it comes to doing serious Database programming, I prefer to work in SQL*Plus.

Yes, SQLDeveloper ( and Toad for that matter) are great for looking at stored program units, running ad-hoc queries etc, but I find there’s no substitute for being “close to the metal” when it comes to in-depth or complex programming in PL/SQL.

Apart from anything else, the feedback you get at the prompt is the actual error, and not masked by something the IDE is objecting to.
Line numbering also helps a lot. If the compiler reports an error at line 100, I want to be able to go to line 100 in my code directly, no messing. Text editors tend to do this stuff really well.

At work, being stuck on Windows, I have to rely on the trusty Textpad, which is perfectly adequate.
Fortunately, when I get home, it’s Ubuntu all the way. This means getting to play with another of those unobtrusive Linux gems – gedit. Continue reading