Leading Zeros…the bleeding edge of TO_CHAR format masks

We’ve been busy playing with our new house.
Deb has re-arranged the furniture about three times since we moved in.
Well, she’s actually just specified where she wants the furniture, it’s me who has actually moved it about.
In fairness, she is the one who brings all the taste, style and interior design skills to our relationship. I’m more of the Igor who just does the legwork at her bidding.
My protestations about the importance of Euro 2012 have been met with the response that it can’t be that important a football tournament because Wales aren’t playing in it.
One of the benefits of moving into a new place is that stuff just works. You hit a light switch and the light comes on.
It’s a bit like using TO_CHAR to convert a number in Oracle really. Look, I’ll show you…
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More Oracle Dating Tips – High Days and Holidays

Following on from my post about Dates the other week, I’ve been looking around (afer all, there’s no harm in looking). There’s a fair number of clever date manipulation routines out there, calculating a business week, the tax year etc.
Work, work, work. What would be really useful is something that can work out when the Public Holidays are this year. Continue reading