12 thoughts on “APEX 503 – Service Unavailable – And you don’t know the APEX_PUBLIC_USER Password

  1. This article was an absolutely perfect solution for our error. Thank you very much! It’s so rare to find an oracle blog post that actually fixes your problem. You are a star!

  2. “… we want to make sure APEX is connecting to the database as APEX_PUBLIC_USER…” Don’t you mean that “… we want to make sure users (via ORDS) are connecting to the database as APEX_PUBLIC_USER…”

      • No problem. Btw – I wasn’t trying to be “picky’. I just wanted to make sure I understood it correctly — that is, if not defined otherwise, ORDS will connect to the database via the user APEX_PUBLIC_USER. Am I correct in saying that or am I mistaken?

        Thanks for a great blog!

      • apex_ton,

        I’m always pleased to get comments that ask/about challenge what I’ve written.
        If I’ve got something wrong, I ( and probably anyone else reading it) would like to know.
        In answer to your question – I’m not sure since I haven’t had a play with ORDS to date.
        The comments in the apex_rest_config.sql script ( for APEX 5.1) seem to suggest that the default is to connect as APEX_LISTENER.
        It’s probably worth taking a look at the Oracle Docs for APEX 5.1 here.



  3. Mike Smithers, you are a godsend!! The DBA reloaded our APEX stuff, and I couldn’t figure out how in God’s creation I could log in, and THIS WORKED. I _had_ a different instance that had the correct password (and got that via hash), and once I reset it in the “bad” instance, I could log in again!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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